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The VIP Pass

The VIP Pass is Malaysia’s first hotel pass that offers up to 7D/6N stay at over 200 hotels. Established during the pandemic, The VIP Pass saw an opportunity to help Malaysians travel — hassle free! Their packages benefit both Malaysians and hoteliers.

The VIP Pass came to us seeking ways to promote their hotel pass and convince their audience that the packages offered are legit. As a completely new product, not known to most Malaysians, they found it challenging to educate their customers about the value that a hotel pass offers. In addition to that, Malaysians have become accustomed to booking hotel stays through online and offline travel agents. Since The VIP Pass is new in the market and rely purely on online revenue, they lacked brand awareness and the cost of running online ads was too high for a new startup company.
Our Solution
To help The VIP Pass grow their brand and boost brand awareness, we developed different categories of ads that targeted different audiences. Through our analytics, we suggested a certain budget allocation for each category to ensure that our client was getting the highest return on investment possible. We also conducted daily performance checks and optimised ads to reach its full potential. To ensure the boosting budget was allocated properly, we acted as a consultant and advised The VIP Pass on when to spend more and when to spend less, based on our analysis of their periodical data.




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Cosmo Synergy

Cosmo Synergy has been delivering enterprise resource planning systems since 1994 to medium and multinational companies. They are thriving because they listen to customer demands and create tailor-made solutions.

Despite having a decent cliente, Cosmo Synergy found it challenging to acquire new customers and grow their business. Since they operate in a very niche market, identifying their potential customers was always a struggle. Hence, they decided to venture into digital marketing. But they soon realised that dedicating internal resources would take up too much time, so they were on the hunt for an agency who could take over these tedious tasks. Cosmo Synergy’s main product is ERP systems, a technical and niche area of interest, that are difficult to promote to non-data professionals as understanding the technical jargon is rather difficult.
Our Solution
Cosmo Synergy partnered with us to assist in researching their customers’ behaviour to better understand their struggles and pain points. By understanding their customers, Cosmo Synergy was able to create content that is easy to read and comprehend. At Cub Media Studio, we were able to simply their processes through an accurate analysis of current business processes. After thoroughly researching how we can better Cosmo Synergy, we recommended that they begin to invest in paid ads for lead generation and Google searches. By increasing their online presence, Cosmo Synergy has turned clicks into visits, and watchers to buyers.






Aligned Chiropractic

Aligned Chiropractic is a Malaysian healthcare centre that specialises in spinal alignment.They are committed to giving you the best quality of healthcare services available, complemented by compassion, excellence and professionalism.

Aligned Chiropractic was in the market for an agency that could help them maximise profit through boosted ads. Despite being a rather well-established brand with an extensive cliente, they wanted to grow in the market and acquire new customers. With the goal of driving sales and increasing their average monthly bookings, Aligned Chiropractic needed an agency who specialised in performance marketing who could also act as a consultant to recommend boosting budgets.
Our Solution
When Aligned Chiropractic reached out to Cub Media Studio, our team worked on a competitor analysis to identify their customers’ behaviour and run ad campaigns targeted to a specific demographic. Once we gather information and analysed the data, we found that running Google Search Ads would be their best option to focus on gaining leads. Additionally, we recommended that they run a first-trial campaign to gather insights to ensure a balance with their margin. On a daily basis, we follow up with their team to crosscheck leads with actual bookings and optimise performance based on monthly reports.


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